Nature Garden is not a non-profit but a small diverse team of individuals who share a concern for the greater good, building community, and the preservation of the Garden.  Although we all have big hearts resources are limited.  We hope the next 3 years of transition will be smooth and provide opportunity for infrastructure building.

If you feel you can offer anything to our cause be it a monetary donation, skill, volunteering time, or used goods for our Africa shipments please reach out to us!

 We hope to collaborate in the future to do good work for the community.

We love collaborating!  Unity is power!   Please link if you have ideas of work you would like to do in the Gambia.  We have experience and interests in many areas including but not limited to: Organic Gardening and Permaculture, NGO/non-profit work, Special Needs services, Female Empowerment, youth education, importing goods, music producing/promotion, bird watching, and anything else that involves balanced conscious living!

An annual cost of running and maintenance  of the Nature garden annually- 5,000 Pounds sterling

The garden and its buildings are in need of many repairs.  Donations would be used for the sustainable, eco friendly, development of the property.

We hope to improve accommodations so one day we can provide accommodations to tourists and volunteers who would like to visit the garden.

Community Concerns and Causes

 Support Two Health care service in the communities.

Basic health services is a concern for everybody both in Brikama and Bakary Sambouya Village where there is always a need for basic equipment, medicines etc. The clinic at Bakaryu Sambouya will not be funded by current sponsors from September 2019 and new sponsorship is being sought.

For any further information, please contact us.  Visitors to the nature garden are always welcome.

‘Helping young people to achieve their ambitions’

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