Update from Founder

As in nature so there are also seasons in life and the season of my time in Africa are changing.   I love Nature Garden Gambia.  It has been a soulful investment that has brought a bounty of beauty to my little corner of Gambia.  I have been searching for the right person to pass this big part of my life work on to. Through a rather unexpected, but Divinely inspired way I was introduced to Sourakata(aka Papis) and Aisha Jacqueline Sibi.  A young couple raising four children in America with a dream to return home to Gambia and do community building work.  Their interests around future charity based projects are in holistic family support, child protection, women’s rights, women’s health, music, organic gardening, and skills training etc. The nature and way of their life supports many of these causes and they are looking forward to using The Nature Garden in future service.  As these issues are, and always have been, close to my heart, it would mean that here would be conserved for the future benefit of the community, my long term dream.

In light of this I agreed to sell the land at a reasonable price. Sourakata Sibi would purchase it together over a period of three years. A legal Sales/Purchase Agreement was signed and sealed on 18th June 2018 and since 27th June, when I went to the UK  Payments are being made on a quarterly basis and I retain the right to live here until the payment is complete.

Since 11th September I have been living in our lovely little Wooden Deck House, a whole new experience and been busy gardening and educating The Sibi’s about the way of things. I remain a guardian and guide and will continue to advise as best I can.

I am praying for a positive future for all.

Our Nursery School and Health Clinic sponsors have given notice to 31st August 2019 and new sponsors are required.