Rain Season

Rain season started towards the end of June and has built up, through July and August and now into September, with some regular and dramatic thunder and electric storms.

The land has turned completely green with grasses, wild flowers and vines growing everywhere.

Cashew and other trees have been pruned creating lots of good sticks and firewood.

Bees, birds and butterflies and all manner of insects are busy with big snails all around.

Grasses being pulled and flowerbeds being recreated with lots of cutting back, digging and some transplanting.

I find the nature unbelievably beautiful and am inspired every day to work within and with it.

The local people are ploughing land everywhere, mostly by hand tools and occasionally by local plough.


 Bakary Sambouya  nursery  School children in class.


Time to farm, to plant cassava, corn, ground nut and more, most of which will be harvested at the end of the rain season which finishes around the end of October. Keeping the land clear of grasses is ongoing work and here we have to bring in local youth to keep the grasses down.

The women are busy in the old riverbed preparing the land and planting rice again. The migratory and rice eating yellow weaver birds, that drive them to distraction, are back!

Nature thrives. We are blessed.

A Big Thank You!

July 9, 2017July 10, 2017 | Meg Roberton | Edit