Nature Garden Gambia covers three acres of beautiful bush land. It has been landscaped into a variety of areas including fruit tree gardens, flower gardens and timber wood land.  Whilst the land provides plenty of space for future development, also housed within nature garden are the facilities listed below.

Main House

This was the first building constructed in 2001/2. It was made from mud block which is cement faced and all roof timbers are palm sticks. At the end of 2004 village men built the cement verandah around the house which has helped to sustain it over the years. Regular maintenance is required due to the never ending presence of termites.

Wooden Deck House

guest-houseThis building was originally the inspiration of a Brikama man in 2005 who, having created the hardwood timber structure, seemed unclear of how to proceed. It was completed by a local carpenter and mason with some guidance and the living rooms were made from cement block.  It has historically provided accommodation to visitors and guests and the Wooden Deck is a wonderful place to relax and view the garden from.


firewood-storageThe old mud block garage which housed a car or two in the early days when we owned vehicles has become a timber store. All firewood used here is gathered from within the garden. It would benefit from some renovation as the termites are having a field day especially on the floor!  The Store is used to house tools and materials and joined to it is a worker’s room.

Community kitchen

outside-kitchenThis was built in 2005/6 and is made from cement block. It houses a worktop and a store and at the back there is a traditional two pot cooker – one for the rice and one for the sauce. For the past two years we have not had a resident cook and currently rely on neighbours to help with daily meals. On special occasions and when we have visitors we ensure some good home cooking of local dishes

Wind and Solar power

wind-wellThe mechanical windmill, which pumps water, was designed and installed in 2005 by one Demba Bah. It is the last one working, out of a number Demba created  in the country, and we are determined to sustain it. In 2010 Demba installed a simple ‘local’ solar system which runs a solar water pump for when there is insufficient wind, four lights and a charging system. This has recently been upgraded by Demba’s son Modou Lamin, aged 20, who also maintains the windmill and is an expert in all aspects of the work.

‘Humanity not Vanity’

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